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Sailing on the mists of time between fall and winter, the time when the vale between this world and the Other-world thins, spirits, ghouls, and the dead visit our earthly ground. During this eve Whimsy the Wisp, a friendly will-o-the-wisp nests inside the many carved pumpkins that guide various guising humans through the crisp night. Peering through the carved face of the jack-o-lanterns out at the young guised humans asking “trick or treat,” Whimsy’s shapeless mouth smiles. This is a time close to the wisp’s heart.

Photo from Skitterphoto

Following the jack-o-lanterns lead to Whimsy’s tiny tent house, a house that helps Whimsy travel anywhere in space or time. The house can often change size from 200 sq. ft. to 100 sq. ft., depending on the location.

On October 31st, 2018, at 6:00 PM, when you enter Whimsy’s tiny tent house you will be transported to Halloweens past, back to when Halloween wasn’t Halloween. Barmbrack, the bread of fate waits in a vale of divination for the next brave soul (perhaps you) curious about their future. Apples bob in water awaiting the opportunity to send an individual across the thinned vale to the Other-world. Wisps hide in lanterns, anxious to be walked outside where they may lead some lucky human to treasures hidden about. The End of Harvest soup bubbles delightfully in a cauldron filling the air with the aromatic fragrance of leeks, vegetables, and other savory scents. A spicy brew will be ready to chase away the chill in your bones.

With fairies, ghouls, and spirits roaming on this night, the best defense will be to disguise yourself as one of them. If they catch you without a guise, they will “mark” you and it will remain with you throughout the night until dawn melts away the dark. Concealed, you may make it through unmarked and you may be rewarded with a trophy for tricking the spirits, ghouls, and fairies. If you’re marked and you make it through the night unscathed congratulations will be due and you too may receive a trophy.

Whimsy’s tiny tent house is located on Flicker and Fir Farm in South Town. If you have the courage to brave the spirit world for this one night and are adventurous enough to discover where Whimsy may take you, buy your ticket here. It’s bound to be aghast.

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