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How to make a paper rose to paint it red

Get into the spirit of the Mad Tea Party coming up on May 4th and make a paper rose then paint it red like the cards did in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when they mistakenly planted white roses instead of red. Here’s how to make a paper rose:

Gather some supplies. You will need red paint (get the non-toxic washable kind)
Your favorite paint brush
A couple paper cups or containers: one to hold the paint and the other to hold water for rinsing off the brush
Your best scissors in your favorite color (I personally like the lime green ones) for cutting the paper into the desired shape
Some masking tape
You will need a strip of tape to cut into tiny pieces to hold layers together and another to stabilize the rose around the stem
A paper clip
Unfold it and this becomes the rose’s stem. Also you will need plain white paper.
Step 1: Cut the paper into 5 squares, you want it to be close to
4″ x 4″ or 3″ x 3″. The more square the better and the square doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect in order for this to work
Step 2: Fold the square in half diagonally to create the triangle above.
Step 3: It’s okay to trim a little to make the triangle more uniform as long as the cut doesn’t disconnect the fold. Fold this triangle in half.
Step 4: Fold the triangle a third time and it should look like this when you’re done
Step 5: Next hold the fold is in your left hand (if left handed hold it in the right). It is important to know where the fold is because that is how the paper will stay together after you cut the paper into the petal shape
Step 6: Cut the triangle into a half heart shape making it as round as possible without over cutting the folded side
Step 7: Once in a half heart shape cut off the tip
Step 8: Once you unfold the half heart shape this will be your first layer
Step 9: Repeat steps 2 thru 8 four more times. You will end up with 5 layers like these. It’s okay to have different sized layers, it adds a little authenticity to the rose
Step 10: Starting with the first layer cut one chunk out, then 2, 3, 4, and the last one just cut a slit. These will become the various layers of the rose.
Step 11: Form each layer into a cone as shown above. Cut a small piece of tape to hold the layers in the cone shape. Put the tape on the back of the cones.
Step 12: Watch the video above this shows you how to place the layers together. Don’t worry you can use both hands I was only using one hand because I was holding the camera with the other 🙂
Step 13: After you place the layers together take your unfolded paperclip and carefully thread it through the center of the flower. You may need to separate the layers a little bit in order to successfully thread the paper clip through. The loop at the top of the paper clip will help hold the layers in place.
Step 13: Use a big enough piece of tape to wrap around the stem at the back of the rose, this will help the rose stay together.
This is what the tape should look like around the back of the rose and stem.
Step 14: Using your closed scissors curl each petal of the rose like so. As you do this you can rotate the layers this way and that as appropriate to create the dynamic layering of the flower
Voila! Your rose is complete and ready to be painted red.

These look great in vases too! This can be a fun and challenging activity for the kids and you can do these for get-togethers and it’s and inexpensive yet really nice way to create decor. You can use paper in different colors and instead of tape you can use glue.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I had lots o’ fun putting it together. Don’t forget the Mad Tea Party is coming up May 4th. Get your teacup (aka tickets) today! You can get more event info and buy your tickets in “Whimsy Goes a Little Mad”. Cheers!