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The Creatures are Coming!

After the tea party Whimsy learned that people seem jovial when “mad” and love consuming in each other’s company. They also chat a lot about random things. Periodically these mad people would move about the table one space on when a song played. Whimsy did not understand why they did that and the people participating in the activity didn’t seem to know either.

The Cheshire cat appeared every once in a while to observe from the tree bough with a wide grin and Whimsy would join him to have a better vantage point to watch. Nearby a game of croquet wildly commenced. The ball bounced this way and that after the players hit the ball with a mallet. One person mentioned something about the grass not being suitable.

Having learned enough, with a friendly wave to the Cheshire cat as the cat slowly faded away Whimsy floated down the trunk of the tree and wandered far away from the Mad Tea party contemplating consumption. After some time meandering about, Whimsy met these mysterious creatures. Apparently they like to eat human fingers! Intrigued, Whimsy joined them for dinner.

Tag along with Whimsy June 28th! Meet these mysterious creatures (pictured below) and find out about their story. Get a glimpse into their world. Dinner begins at 5pm. The menu is a five course finger food family style meal (*no humans were harmed in the making of this meal).

Whimsy Supper Club is popping up at Maxtivity! At 1604 Main Street, Philomath, OR 97370.

Read the menu below to see what’s cooking that evening!