What We Offer

As a supper club we are here to entertain & delight the senses through food, fun, connection and play. Our mission is to bring a little whimsy into your life and provide you with an immersive dining experience that sticks with you forever or at the very least as long as possible.

Why is this different from other supper clubs of the past and present? As far as I know we are the only supper club to have a will-o-the-wisp on our team (Whimsy the Wisp). Also we have a 16 person cap per event to keep things close and personal. Additionally, there’s a little extra added activity and play involved in dining events hosted by Whimsy Supper Club.

Come play with us and see where Whimsy can take you!

Whimsy the Wisp

Whimsy the Wisp a friendly will-o-the-wisp is here to lead you away from the familiar world you’re so cozy with to go on a journey across the multi-verse in search of the best food that ever existed.

Follow Whimsy and you may end up crashing a mad tea party, crossing the thinned vale into the Other-world or you may be lucky enough to meet Cleopatra in her timeline.

Go ahead see where Whimsy takes you, join one of these wispy jaunts below.


Talus is behind all this madness! She spent a little over a decade in Portland honing and refining her culinary skills. Being fully immersed in the restaurant world she gained the necessary experience to become the cook she is today.

Desiring to learn more and be closer to family, Talus moved to the slower paced countryside in Corvallis. Here she studied farm life through produce production selling fruits and vegetables at a couple markets.

During that time she also got involved in the Business Enterprise Center (a business incubator/accelerator) part-time to learn more about how to run a business. She launched Whimsy Supper Club in 2018 producing the first event on October 31st supported by her family and friends.