Whimsy Supper Club’s Commitment:

Good Quality

Only the best! All meals are made with love. Each ingredient gets the attention it deserves. Flavor is the focus.

Keeping it Local

Most ingredients are sourced from Oregon farmers, artisans, and suppliers.


Aiming to create whimsical experiences for fun. Oddities, bizarre creatures, fairy tales, and the fantastic are adored here!

Whimsy the Wisp

Resident will-o-the wisp and mascot

This will-o-the-wisp inspired me to create Whimsy Supper Club. I love all the lore, history, and legends stirred by these ethereal creatures. It is also a natural phenomenon that occurs in wetlands. Whimsy is very curious about everything and anything. Enjoys going on frequent jaunts and causing a bit of friendly mischief. If you’re ever in a bog and you see an orb of light or two, think of Whimsy.

Talus Fritze-Moor


She does it all! She cooks, invents menus, and tries out different ingredients. Her goal, to transport you to another world where you are free to be, relax, and enjoy the company of those around you. Whimsy Supper Club is a culmination of all her loves: creativity, food and whimsy.