Puck’s Pixie Party


It’s time for Puck’s Pixie Party! Enjoy this fairy fun 3-course dining adventure set in the fairy world. Help Puck wake up the pixies.

TIME – 4 pm to 8 pm

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A WHIMSICAL DINING EXPERIENCE (12 Seats Available)It’s time to break that winter spell!

After a long Winter slumber, sprites and fae folk alike feel a tad drowsy from the lengthy cold nights. Every year as spring approaches, Puck, the merry wanderer of the night, hosts an annual Pixie Party. Puck’s Pixie Party is done to get the fairies, sprites, and flower buds up, and about to shake off the chill. In order to do this, Puck must cause a little mischief.

Help Puck create enough friendly mischief to wake up the fairy world. Wear your best pixie attire (with pixie dust included), or come as your human self. Enjoy tasty faefoods like Pixie Petals, Fairy Ring Galentine, and Taitania’s Berry Pie. Sip some Fay Nectar to get you up and partying while playing some pixie toss and dancing around the fairy ring. Let’s get up and shake off that frost and welcome in the spring with Puck’s Pixie Party!

Puck’s Pixie Party is located at 460 SW Madison Ave, at the mysterious Conundrum House Saunders Room.

Have questions? Give me a call at 971-808-1105, fill out the contact form, or shoot me an email and send it to email.whimsy@gmail.com

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Friday – April 5 @ 4pm, Saturday – April 6 @ 4pm, Friday – April 12 @ 4pm, Saturday – April 13 @ 4pm, Friday – April 19 @ 4pm, Saturday – April 20 @ 4pm, Friday – April 26 @4pm, Saturday – April 27 @ 4pm