Welcome to the Supper Club!

Where food, whimsy and fun combine! Discover how to go on a dining adventure and learn about Whimsy’s cottage noshery. Find more details below.

DUE TO COVID-19 Whimsy Supper Club is closing its dining adventures and cottage noshery till further notice.

If you would like to help support this business for the future please feel free to BUY GIFT CERTIFICATES there are 6 different amounts available. See the menu here to help determine what amount you want for the certificate. These are electronic to minimize in person interaction and to continue to keep you safe.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope you are doing well out there during this odd and new normal time. Stay safe, wash your hands and kindly keep your distance to protect others. Much Love! See you on the other side.

* Gift Certificates good till amount fully spent. Once payment is complete you will be notified to confirm payment and receive an additional email with a PNG of the gift certificate attached. Once the noshery is up and running again please print off the PNG or use your phone’s email app to present the gift certificate.
Gift Certificates

HOURS Accepted Here: Pay with Corvallis’ Local Currency. Find out about HOURS here.


Learn about the proprietor, the fabled mascot and mission of the supper club.

Proprietor/Owner and Cook

Talus Fritze-Moor spent a decade immersed in the restaurant world because she wanted to hone and refine her cooking skills. She received a culinary arts degree from Oregon Culinary Institute in the Spring of 2012. Talus has worked her way though tourist destinations, hotels, fine dining restaurants and has done everything from washing dishes, pouring beer and wine and cooking fine dishes. She has gained versatile experience in hospitality.

The Mascot

“Pssst! Hello, I’m Whimsy the Wisp. Come, follow me on an dining adventure.  Join me for a little mischief and fun at Whimsy Supper Club.”


The supper club’s mission is to. . .

  • Buy locally sourced ingredients from farmers and artisans
  • Use quality ingredients
  • Forge community while creating fun
  • Practice sustainability during day-to-day operations
  • Create a unique out-of-the-box experience

Dining Adventures


Dining adventures are Whimsy’s brand of personal chef services. These are for private dinner or tea parties with 6 to 12 guests. And each adventure can come with it’s own invitations.

Pick one of 3 dining adventures below to book for your next party. First there will be an adventure prelude or consultation appointment to cover details, pick a date, time and way to pay.

Across the Vale

Come across the vale into the Otherworld and save a group of children from a Dali-like fate!

A Mad Tea Party

Experience Wonderland in all its madness with tea, croquet and the sporadic song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little bat”!

Dinner with the Creatures

Discover the culture of these oddball creatures with weird tastes during a dinner with 6 reps!

Cottage Noshery

Menu is on the left please look it over to help determine which gift certificate you would like. Even though things are closed you Can Still Join the CSA, it’s okay to plan ahead. Find out more about how it works below.


PROPER SCONES: Standard- $2.50 ea. Or Mini- $5/bag


SPRITE CAKE: $2.50 ea.

TREACLE CUPS: $2.50 ea.  

CAKE FINGERS: $1.25 ea.

Cottage Noshery CSA



Once a week an e-mail with an order form is sent out to the members of the CSA list giving them an opportunity to order some tasty baked goods. You do not have to order every time, only when you want to.


Fill out the form located in the center. Check the “Add Me to CSA List” box. After submission on the following Wednesday you’ll receive your first weekly e-mail.


Pick-ups are every Tuesday. Winter hours are 1 pm to 3 pm, pick-up location is at Willamette Westwind Farm on Bellfountain Road. Summer hours are 5pm to 7 pm, pick-up location is South Town Farmstand & Market at Flicker and Fir Farm on SE Alexander Ave.

Join CSA



Want something that’s not on the menu? Whimsy Supper Club has done a couple food commissions such as 24 scones made with culinary essential oils and a vegan cake for 25 people. Book an appointment with Talus and we can come up with a fun order unique to you 😀 (Will do orders up to 36 each).


Review, reviews here and find out why Whimsy Supper Club is so whimsical!

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