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What is a supper club?

Supper clubs are restaurant establishments doubling as social clubs. These social clubs were trendy in the 1920s during prohibition. These were often run illegally. In order to enter one of these places, you needed to know a password or perform a special knock. In today’s time, supper clubs are still popular in the midwest and scattered throughout America and are now legal establishments.

Whimsy’s version is for much smaller groups of 2 to 8 people. It is in a private setting, not open to the general public, so you’re only dining with the people you know, and I serve mocktails instead of cocktails.

Do you cater?

No, I do not. I’m not fond of catering because the food you cook must be transported to a designated location, so the food ends up sitting in a transportation box longer than I desire. This process can lower the food quality depending on the food prepared. I find that for the most part, cooking on the spot and serving food right away is best. Not only is it tastier, but it’s safer too.

Where do you do this? / What’s the address?

I host suppers at a venue called Flicker and Fir farm on 1465 SE Alexander Ave, Corvallis, OR for private groups and events.

Is there parking?

Yes, there is parking, but it is very limited. It is best to carpool with your group or ride your bike if you’re in the neighborhood. During a private supper event you can park along the street at Alexander Ave or you can park by the northern side of the leaning barn up the gravel road.

How much?

I charge $55 a person. This includes the three-course supper, mocktails, tea, or other non-alcoholic drinks, and a fun-themed activity to do along with the meal.

How do I book one of your suppers?

You can do this in a number of ways:
1. Online through this website
2. Fill out the contact form
3. Shoot me an email at
4. Text/call at 971-808-1105
5. Talk to me in person at one of the farmer’s markets on Tuesday / Sunday
6. Talk to me in person at the CAW Corvallis Arts Walk that happens every 3rd Thursday
7. Book a consultation appointment with me (fill this form out)

What do you accept for payment?

I accept cash, check, cards, Venmo, and Kuto.

Are there costumes for the themes?

You can most definitely wear a costume for the themed supper! It is strongly encouraged, but it is not required. Your costume can be as elaborate as you want or it can be as simple as wearing a silly hat.

What are the activities during the meal?

Depending on the theme, each supper diner can do an activity. For example, the Otherworld has pin-the-wisp on the ghoul. These are simple, yet really fun to do. Another example is playing croquet during the Queen’s Croquet supper theme.

Here’s the following list below:
Mad Tea Party – Move one space on like musical chairs
Queen’s Croquet – You know, croquet
Puck’s Fairy Feast – Pixie toss and dance around the fairy ring
The Fiery Bog Adventure – Treasure hunt
Supper with the creatures – Creature portrait drawing
Otherworld – Pin the wisp on the ghoul

Do you accommodate allergies/dietary restrictions?

Yes, I do! It is certainly important to me that everyone enjoys their meal. With enough notice, I’m more than happy to come up with an alternative that fits your allergy or dietary restrictions.

How much notice do you need for a booking?

Please give me five to seven days ahead of time so I have time to confirm details, plan and prepare. I also need to notify the venue owners. The menus are seasonally dependent, therefore I may need to come up with some alternative dishes for the supper. I need to get some supplies like pumpkins for carving, for example, in the case of the Otherworld theme.

Do you do weddings?

No, those are too big for my taste and not my thing. Otherwise, I enjoy doing small special occasion gatherings like birthday parties, and family dinners (as pictured below), and seasonal holidays like Halloween or date nights. My supper themes pair well with those kinds of occasions. diners

Are you licensed/certified/qualified?

I hold a Food Handler’s card with a 100% score, a culinary arts degree, and over a decade of restaurant experience while living in Portland in various restaurant settings. As a result, I have a solid understanding of the industry. Additionally, I hold high standards for the cleanliness of my kitchen. Also, Whimsy is a registered LLC and I hold general liability insurance.

Where can I pick up my scone or cake order?

At 1465 SE Alexander Ave in the farmstand where the Southtown Market is usually held. I’ll be set up right in the middle. Look for Whimsy’s face on a big sign (pictured below) and I’ll greet you when you arrive.

Where do I park for pick up?

You can park along the street on the side where there is a basketball hoop.

Is this family-friendly?

The short answer is yes, and some themes do have dark elements to them which may make some people uncomfortable. For example, supper with the creatures features fun odd creatures that have a taste for human fingers. If any part of a theme makes you feel uncomfortable please do not book it or attend and choose a theme that you find more comfortable. You can think of my themes as similar to A Nightmare Before Christmas, the Munsters, or Coraline if that is helpful.