The Fiery Bog Adventure


A treasure hunt supper adventure!

TIME – 4 pm to 8 pm

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Priscilla ventured out to escape the confines of societal norms from her hometown only to find herself stuck in another state of confinement. Her travels lead her to a strange place called the Fiery Bog, a wetland full of scaly residents, an abundance of fiery heat, and a tiny overlord (her capture) named Octo the Octopus who presides over the water-logged land.

As you dine, it is up to you to save the girl from a fate most melty. Anyone, who is not a fiery bog resident will eventually suffer from a terrible condition, meltiosis (the affliction of melting).

In order to save the young lady, Octo has presented a deal. If you find all his precious trinket stashes he hid throughout the Fiery Bog in time, before the meltiosis kicks in, he’ll release the girl. If you are too late the girl melts and becomes part of his melted children collection.

While enjoying a tasty meal of bog poppers, fiery stew, and mud pies, get help from some of the friendly bog-dwelling creatures and follow their clues to find each trinket.

The fiery bog is located at 1465 SE Alexander Ave, at the enchanting Flicker and Fir Farm.

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Friday – July 5, Saturday – July 6, Friday – July 12, Saturday – July 13, Friday – July 19, Saturday – July 20, Friday – July 26, Saturday- July 27, Friday – August 9, Saturday – August 10, Friday – August 16, Saturday – August 17, Friday – August 23, Saturday – August 24, Friday – August 30, Saturday – August 31