Fanciful Teatails


Delicious mocktails featured in different themes. Pick from a spritely drink that wakes you up, a smooth, spicy one to calm the senses, or a refreshing rosy beverage to cool you off on a hot day. There are more options with just as much character too. Most drinks are poured over ice, 16 oz each.

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Alice Palmer – A tasty, refreshing drink with an infusion of rose hip, rose petals, lemon juice, and a dash of vanilla.

Fay Nectar – A minty energizing drink with an infusion of Many Mints tea, Butterfly Blue Pea Flower, Hibiscus tea, and lemon juice.

Faux du Sazerac – This drink has all the classic spicy, smooth flavor of a real Sazerac without alcohol. The mix is Starfire tea, vanilla, and bitters gently poured over a sugar cube.

The Fingerling – A spicy, minty drink enjoyed by the creatures. Includes Sarsaparilla root and tulsi holy basil tea mixed with a refreshing ginger beer.

Spiced Apple Cider – (fall) warmed with cinnamon stix, a dash of nutmeg, and sliced lemon rounds (summer) chilled pasteurized apple juice blended with citrus juice, ice, and spices.

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Alice Palmer, Fay Nectar, Faux du Sazerac, The Fingerling, Spiced Apple Cider