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Tasteful Descriptions

March 8th the Noshery starts taking orders. In the spirit of accepting orders, I’m providing descriptions of the offerings available at the Cottage Noshery. I’ll be adding new items too as time goes on. Enjoy these tasteful descriptions below to help you choose what to order!

Honeyed Pepita Cran Cake
– This is the healthiest of the cake options but still indulgent, this little bake drips with Oregon made honey with crunchy pumpkin seeds and sweetened cranberries creating a lovely fruit cake-like bite.

Ginger Snap Cake– Enjoy a bite of spicy crystallized ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon, a testament to sugar n’ spice making everything nice. This is topped with a lemon butter cream frosting to create that bright snap of flavor.

Plain Vanilla Jane– This tiny cake is vanilla all the way through from the cake to the frosting, but the flavor is complex and rich.

Paprika Dusted Cocoa Cake– Classic chocolate cake with a tasty twist. The cocoa and paprika create a burst of flavor that’ll knock you off your feet.

Pepita Cran Scone– Pumpkin seeds add a subtle savory flavor and crunch to this scone. Complimented by the dried cranberries which adds just enough sweetness.

Ginger Nutmeg– This was a popular choice when I first started the noshery. The sweet nutty flavor of nutmeg and the bite of crystalized ginger is quite a subtly addictive combo.

Cinnamon ginger– This scone is both spicy and fresh. A lovely apple butter jam would pair well with this yummy bake.

Ginger Cran– This is a refreshing scone with the right amount of sweet from the dried cranberry and the pleasantly cleansing taste of ginger.

These tasty delights will come in packages of 4 each, 8 each or 12 each. Noshes are priced at $2.50 each.